Our Commitment

Melanie Taddeo - Founder
There are over 4 million people in Canada living with disabilities, accounting for roughly 14% of the population. Approximately 2 million of these individuals reside in Ontario, and although most of them are more than capable, statistics show that the majority of individuals with disabilities remain unemployed and under educated.

Add to that the stagnating rates of ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program), we see an urgent and ongoing need to accommodate this fraction of the population by providing the proper access to education and training.

Thus, these capable individuals can begin to lead more purposeful lives and become participating members of society. Unfortunately, the needs of individuals with disabilities are not being adequately serviced within Ontario. A lack of funding is the primary cause for this inadequacy.

We find the programs that are available are often expensive and already have extensive waiting lists. These barriers have made it difficult to reach the growing number of individuals living with disability to provide beneficial, and sometimes necessary, programs and services.

Funding Barriers

What is exciting about the Connect 4 Life endeavour is that with a little help, we can make a huge impact in addressing the issue of disability within Ontario by partnering with local agencies and programs to help provide better access to educational and training services.  We are confident that with the support of caring and informed donors that we can make a difference.

Connect 4 Life can overcome the funding barriers and ensure that every individual who is disabled has access to effective programming that will offer them the opportunity to empower themselves and lead fulfilling lives.


Every person with a disability has a unique experience with their disability depending on the severity, family structure and support, and access to treatment, education, and training. A common thread found by individuals with varying disabilities is that an effective system of support makes a positive difference in dealing with their condition. Connect 4 Life aims to be the centre of this system by providing training and education from a variety of programs and services across Ontario. Our commitment is strong and will continue until our vision has been achieved.